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The Devil, the Witch and the Whore (The Deal Book 1) - Kindle edition by Amy I look forward to reading the next books in the series although I'm keeping my.
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An idea of books from a yearning to counter the all-polluting imagery-machines with parables of plants and animals and old stories of black robbers and white stags. Fragments on death like mirrors from a black sleep in the forests of fairy tales. All stories from the dust of the dead in fragments and footnotes like melodies of heartbreak and north and night and exploration—breakdowns.

About saints with no promise of heaven and lost sailors forgotten and the terribly lonely bears. The unknown, the ugly — and the odd. Collected grand mistakes, noble errors from many sources. Sinking signals - conscious or not — sonatas and last letters and great insults. The impossible tears in landscapes of ocean or stranded whales. A going far back to coals and cruelties and sobbing like songs in whiskey and blood. With pirates and wars and prayers in holes in the ground.

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Of fallen women and orphaned children and drowned slaves and burned saints. To make songs from doubt and books to live by. Wednesday, April 21, Sometimes I feel very old, like my whole life's over, like I'm not around anymore. The devil just sittin' there laughing.

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He's glad when people does that. Then he sends them to the snakehouse. He just sits there and laughs and watch while you're sitting there all tied up and snakes are eating your eyes up.

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The snakes go down your throat and eat all your systems up. I think the devil was on the farm. The sun looks ghostly when there's a mist on the river and everything's quiet. I never knowed it before. And you could see people on the shore but it was far off and you couldn't see what they were doing. Easter is coming' The two have created texts, each for their own time, that together bear witness, at points defiant, at points mischievous, to a profoundly God-sustained world.

What a wonderful, grace-filled vision. Julian of Norwich is a most unusual theologian, and Amy Laura Hall has given us a most unusual book: it is engaging and illuminating, a personal, passionate, and political reflection on and with Julian. We laugh with Hall and Julian, and we too yearn to pull closer to God not through fear and trembling, but through an aching heart bursting open with joy.

This is the kind of raw, gritty, grounded, and real spiritual exploration that calls to all Christians, and to all people of faith.

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Book Pages: Illustrations: Published: August We do not know her given name, because she became known by the name of a church that became her home. Julian of Norwich envisioned courage during a time of fear. Laughing at the Devil describes how a courageous woman transformed a setting of dread into hope, solidarity, and resistance. Praise "Although Hall addresses serious topics, her treatment is boundless and joyful. Shriver, Choice "A book to read with the heart as well as the mind. Lee, Reading Religion "Recommended for readers seeking perspectives on pain and modernity, and who enjoy a bold, conversational voice.

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